Re: “Why is it so hard to find a bathroom in Seattle?” [Oct. 18, Local News]:

Naomi Ishisaka’s column resonated. After having my first kiddo, I would occasionally head downtown to take in the city’s offerings for a growing mind — light rail, museum, library, lunch with dad. It was a struggle to find a place to change diapers, nurse quietly, sit down without paying and, yes, have quick bathroom access (moms and dads can attest to that urgency).

So downtown visits waned. Our parks and library are standbys, and I greatly appreciate them, but I feel for everyone downtown who needs a pit stop. What’s the inventory of actual bathrooms downtown? Is there truly a scarcity? Tricky to navigate, but I should think our city could come up with some public-private partnerships, plus easy phone app, on how to share bathrooms. It was certainly a factor that turned me away come arrival of kiddos two and three.

Kelly McCaffrey, Seattle