Re: “Mexico’s plunge into lawlessness” [Nov. 8, Opinion]:

Mexico is a very large country, and Bret Stephens’ column acts like all parts of Mexico are damned by incidents in certain areas. Not fair.

We don’t want the United States judged by the number of gun deaths in Chicago or shooting children in Sandy Hook or hate crimes in Pittsburgh, Orlando or Las Vegas. Mexico has just as many safe and wonderful places to visit and to live as does the United States.

It’s true most Mexican people don’t have as many material possessions as do most Americans, but they have a commitment to their faith, they value all members of their communities, and they epitomize those family values we keep talking about.

Come to Mexico and see for yourself. I highly recommend it.

Georgia A. Gardner, former Washington state senator, 42nd District, Coupeville and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico