The rural King County commute will be severely lengthened if the Metropolitan King County Council passes ordinance 2018-0241, the Winery Code Update, Wednesday, Dec.4.

The ordinance permits development of properties greater than 2.5 acres along rural arterial roads by the alcohol industry. Roadside farms and rural residences will be rezoned to permit drinking establishments of up to 8,000 square feet. Rural arterials and highways (202, 203, 167, 526, 900, Issaquah-Hobart, Maple Valley, etc.) from Enumclaw through Duvall, and east to Snoqualmie; hundreds of roadside properties; and miles of rural roads will be impacted as wineries, breweries or distilleries (WBD) force land owners out through land speculation and increased taxes.

In one square mile of rural Redmond, 40 lots will have more than 325,000 square feet of permitted WBDs. The alcohol industry will overwhelm our two-lane roads, with left turns and roadside parking during commuter happy-hour traffic. Commutes to/from rural towns and suburbs will get much longer and more dangerous, as happens in the Sammamish Valley.

Tell the King County Council that our commute shouldn’t be a dangerous pub crawl.

Barbara Lau, Redmond, Friends of Sammamish Valley