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Washington Republicans, those of you who are following Donald Trump, please research and think about your support [“Trump all over the map,” Page One, May 8].

You are being sold a bill of goods. You are being conned on a scale not seen since the Democrats of 2008. Don’t fall for Trump’s straight talk. Don’t fall for the baseless and vague promises of making “fantastic deals” forcing Mexico to pay for a wall. Learn what tariffs really do: place enormous taxes on you and me.

We make America great again by restoring our freedoms of choice and our liberties, by getting government out of our daily lives, by honoring and adhering to our Constitution and the limits it places on our government.

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And don’t pay attention to media pundits who say Ted Cruz has dropped out of the race. He has not dropped out, he has just suspended his campaign. Ted Cruz retains all of his delegates and he remains on state ballots including ours. Ted Cruz can still accumulate delegates. It is up to us to drive a contested convention and nominate a principled conservative who will represent American values, freedoms, liberties and the Constitution if we act in the state primary.

Washington has 44 delegates that can have an impact on the nomination. Let’s commit them wisely.

Charles Hodges, Snohomish