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I never cared for Ronald Reagan as governor when I lived in California because of his pro-Vietnam and anti-union politics. But even I wouldn’t disparage his memory by comparing him to Donald Trump, as Sens. Don Benton and Doug Ericksen have [“Why we are supporting Donald Trump for president,” Opinion, May 17].

Reagan tore down the wall; Trump wants to build one up. Reagan was known as the great communicator; Trump is bombastic and articulates nothing. Reagan won over many Democrats; Trump is unable to unite his party.

Benton and Ericksen praise Trump for a tax plan that no one has seen. They want us to gamble our votes on a casino owner. They want a man with no previous government experience to be the leader of the free world. They think that removing a program that insures the health of millions of Americans who never had it before is healthy for our country.

Benton and Ericksen tell us that the American people are not stupid. I hope that they are right.

Marshall Dunlap, Kent

U.S. hypocrites

I like Benton’s and Ericksen’s scapegoat rationality for having lost “tens of thousands of companies and millions of jobs because of bad trade deals.” It’s good to know that it is not us, the U.S. consumer, who looks for the cheapest deals through Amazon, who are not responsible for companies to relocate overseas.

Oh, no, President Obama’s trade deals would send companies packing. And, because of Obama’s unfair trade deals, the Trump clothing line has no choice but to be produced in Bangladesh.

Well, off to Lowe’s. They have some specials on outdoor furniture made in India.

James Behrend, Bainbridge Island