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Columnist David Brooks says it much better than I can, of course, when he says that Donald Trump is “deeply rooted in the currents of our time.” [Opinion, Aug. 6].

I believe that, in very plain spoken language, Trump is speaking to the average working stiff in no uncertain terms about the lack of jobs — unless you are a college grad. We all know what’s happened to manufacturing jobs in this country. Jobs have not only gone away but citizens of many nations are coming here, illegally in some cases, to take many of those jobs that do remain.

When Trump bellows about building a wall at our southern border, he is speaking to the very basic concerns of Joe Sixpack, who is not concerned about Iran and global warming. He is concerned about jobs and the growing disparity of income for the middle class.

Immigration reform and income inequality: We’ve talked about them now for decades, but Trump sounds like a man who would do something about it. He probably can’t do any more than any other candidate, but he talks a good game. If he can convince enough people that he can walk the talk, who knows? Could it be “The Trumpster” for president?

Don Curtis, Clinton