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Following recent articles on domestic violence, I find myself wondering, what if these women could have defended themselves? [“Prosecutors: Seattle Center domestic-violence murder suspect told investigators it was ‘easy to kill,’ ”; “Woman dies in Mountlake Terrace after man hits her on the head during argument”]

One in four women are victims of domestic violence — a low statistic considering it only accounts for the women who are brave enough to report the attacks.

Every nine seconds, a woman is assaulted or beaten in the U.S. Statistics show women with self-defense training are able to more easily recognize signs of danger and avoid harm before it happens. As the owner of Defense Ninjas, a company dedicated to women’s self-defense classes, I know that training grants them the gift of survival — to become more aware, confident and self-reliant to respond to realistic threats. Women need to be ready for any situation, and we all have a responsibility to encourage them to do so.

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Our world is seemingly addicted to violence, where attacks on women and minorities are commonplace. What if, instead, we were addicted to empowerment?

Fauzia Lala, Mercer Island