Bill Dietrich’s Op-Ed on changing the name of Washington state missed the mark. [“Take it away, D.C.: Let’s give our Washington a new name,” Opinion, June 13.]

To rename Washington state “Cascade” — it’s    just such a generic sounding name. (Oregon has them, too!) It also would represent a relatively small chunk of what this great state is all about.

Several decades ago, there was another semi-serious attempt to change the state’s name to “Wenatchee.” This name has a lot going for it. It’s certainly unique. There isn’t a more centralized city in the state. And Wenatchee has all that makes this state special, right at its doorstep.

To the north of it is spectacular Lake Chelan and the North Cascades (the Washington — oops, I mean, “Wenatchee Alps”), to the east the wheat farms and high prairies, to the south the fertile Yakima Valley, and to the west, Dietrich’s cherished Cascades and intertidal waters. Oh, yeah, the Olympics and Pacific Ocean are over there somewhere, too.

Steven Haynes, Arlington