Bravo to The Seattle Times for printing Gary Abernathy’s column “Stop insulting Trump voters and their concerns — talk to them” [July 25, Opinion].

Voting for Donald Trump did not suddenly make me a bad person. Did I like him as president? No. Would I vote for him again? No. Was his reelection stolen? No. But being a conservative, I like many of his accomplishments.

I grow weary of the incessant drumbeat of the news media that by association with him I must be a racist, believe that America is a racist country and that the only remedy is a Marxist war between races where I must be destroyed and our businesses and country be burned to the ground to form some sort of a “new” America.

Abernathy’s column suggests that we can hold contrary beliefs and still be good, decent people. We need to talk — respectfully.

Ray Marik, Seattle