I was hopeful to start reading Gary Abernathy’s attempt to “bridge the gap” between left and right, having spent much of the last four years trying to “talk” to my conservative friends, exchange articles, etc.

While I respect Abernathy’s intent, I wonder if he realizes how one-sided his column is. Has he critiqued his right-wing fellows with the same degree of pointed urgency? Criticisms of the outrage being directed at “only 800 people” being involved in the Jan. 6 assault on the U.S. Capitol is jaw-dropping, considering the viciousness and true level of mob-mentality risk that was at play. Does he hold the right at all culpable for the loss of “trust” in U.S. media, considering the relentless barrage of “fake news” accusations in which Donald Trump and his “followers” have indulged themselves?

Let us have dialogue, absolutely. And Abernathy does raise some valid points about respect and name-calling. But some of his critique needs to call his right-wing cohorts to account if this “dialogue” is to proceed to fruition.

Mark Backlund, Anacortes