Sam Sperry makes the case for a return to citywide voting for Seattle City Council positions. His take is that the only real community representation necessary to address citizen concerns is one of geography. He wisely advances and vanquishes the economic straw-man argument that citywide campaigning was too expensive and now irrelevant with the financial vouchers provision.

He purposefully ignores the original rationale that representative communities can be defined in ways not geographic. Citywide voting for the most part underrepresented minorities on the council. District voting has made the council more representative of our real communities. This fact has allowed for a wider range of issues to be expressed, explored and acted upon by this more representational body.

To become an issue it must see the light of day first. The results of this wider divergent process, arrived at through a narrower voting base, brings to the fore vital issues that may affect one minority group now and be, in turn, a remedy to others later on.

“E Pluribus Unum translates as “Out of many One” and is better served with the present voting arrangement.

John Arnold, Seattle