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Editor, The Times

In response to the opinion piece by Paul Krugman [“The populism perplex,” Opinion, Nov. 27], I offer the following interpretation. While the resentment is probably real, it is a red herring. What needs to be addressed is the need for dignity through meaningful work with adequate pay.

I agree that the old jobs will not be resurrected but their function to the individual needs to be filled.
Health care and minimum wages do not address the need for dignity and a hopeful future.

I am constantly frustrated by the lack of vision, or is it candor, on the part of those opposing trickle-down economics to offer a coherent alternative. We know the former does not work, but the alternative has been allowed to be defined only as big government or socialism. Are these really the only alternatives? I don’t think so, but you couldn’t prove it from the popular press – and I don’t mean Facebook.

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I became interested in economics because it appears to underlie how societies work particularly for the betterment of their members. This is the reason I am asking the economists, and everyone else, to please try and propose some understandable alternatives to expand the present no-real-choice options.

Bill Badgeley, Seattle