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Shame on Mayor Ed Murray, The Seattle City Council and Larry Weis, CEO of Seattle City Light. Their support and cronyism of developer Martin Selig is an embarrassment.

The Seattle Times’ watchdog article stated Selig owed $2 million to Seattle City Light for various construction-project utility bills dating back to April [“Developer piles up $2M in unpaid utility bills,” Page One, Aug. 15]. These projects should have had their power cut off. The ordinary citizen must pay his or her bill on time or risk a power shut off.

This is a public utility, not a private one. Discretion of this sort belongs to private clubs, not a public utility.

City managers are choosing winners and losers. The individual consumer and small developer loses. This practice has festered since the 1990s. Selig paid bills when and if he chose.

The poor juggle rent, food and utility expenses. Selig doesn’t have these pressures, yet selectively disregards his obligations.

Selig’s current and proposed building permits should be subject to current utility payments. Building-inspection signoffs should be subject to current accounts with Seattle utilities or construction may not proceed.

Shame on Seattle managers for demonstrated poor business practices.

Margaret Bradley, Seattle