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It was very disappointing to see The Seattle Times reporting on the Washington state Democratic primary as if the results mean anything at all. Voting for the Democratic nominee in this primary is like voting on what time you want the sun to come up — it is completely pointless!

In his May 30 column [“Refusal in Bernie Sandersland to accept reality is really unreal,” Local News], Danny Westneat asserted that the results show that Washingtonians prefer Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders. This is completely wrong.

First, the Democratic results are not used at all, so why would anyone even bother to open their ballot, let alone mail it in? Sanders supporters tend not to waste public money or their own time on pointless symbolic actions. They are more interested in real change, not window dressing.

Secondly, in order to vote for the Democrat candidate you have to declare yourself to be a Democrat — something that many independent or Republican supporters of Bernie Sanders cannot or will not do, especially as it goes on your permanent record.

The primary results really only tell us which voters were uninformed about the process, and which voters had enough spare time to waste on a pointless exercise.

All across the nation, independent and Republican Sanders supporters have been excluded from the process. Many of these voters will not switch their support to Clinton, which is why she will lose to Trump in the general election.

That is why it is so important to get the analysis and the reporting right.

Ian James, Issaquah