Re: “Northwest tribes unite over GOP congressman’s pitch to breach Lower Snake River dams” [May 27, Environment]:

The proposal to breach the Lower Snake River dams, put forth by U.S. Rep. Mike Simpson, R-Idaho, and unanimously supported by Northwest tribes, may be one of the few options that can effectively prevent the outright extinction of Chinook salmon and thus the extinction of the southern resident orcas.

Yet Washington Democratic leaders, including Sens. Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell, and Gov. Jay Inslee, are not willing to take the difficult step of supporting this effective means of rejuvenating Chinook populations in Northwest waters.

Perhaps it is time for these leaders to accept what is obvious: The human population is rapidly destroying this Earth and placing many animal species at threat of extinction. We owe it to this planet we live on to take extraordinary steps to prevent extinctions, even when the process is inconvenient for us.

Tom Krebsbach, Brier