Re: “Barbs and jabs fly, Bloomberg roasted in rancorous Dem debate” [Feb. 20, A1]:

After watching the debate Wednesday night, I am left feeling more discouraged than ever.

As a parent/educator/counselor, I have attempted to teach about bullies. Bullying is a sign of insecurity — to put someone else down, to be cruel toward another to make yourself look better does just the opposite. It makes you look worse.

We have a president who has made his platform on bullying and falsehoods.

Wednesday, as others struck out against Mike Bloomberg and at each other, I was dismayed about those on stage.

Being smart doesn’t entitle one to be mean. Cruelty begets cruelty. It takes on a life of its own.

We must bring back our collective soul. If not, it’s not only our climate that we must worry about it. It is the destruction of humankind.

Ellen Reichman, Kirkland