Re: “Biden fails pandemic-hero test” [Jan. 21, Opinion]:

Columnist Lynn Schmidt proclaims that because President Joe Biden has not solved all the pandemic-related problems he is not a hero. There were problems in all areas she mentions pre-pandemic. The pandemic piled onto and exacerbated these. In the process, our highly dysfunctional government has been exposed even more than ever for what it is. This situation is not the making of one man.

It’s going to take more than one person, president or not, to be a hero in our endeavor to fix dysfunctional government. To begin, we need look no further than our elected representatives. The most enlightening step each of us can take right now is to examine our representatives’ record of achievements. One website that can help illuminate things is What have they actually done? How have you and your family’s life been bettered because of their service? Will their work help safeguard future generations?

Myrna Lipman, Shoreline