The rise in COVID delta variant cases has resulted, once again, in shortages of hospital beds around the country.

Unvaccinated people are filling hospitals and stressing the health care system. They are displacing vaccinated people who want a hip replacement, or heart surgery.

Also, collectively, they are a laboratory where covid variants can mutate, and possibly develop into a more deadly virus.

People deciding not to vaccinate inconvenience and endanger the health and welfare of people who are doing the right thing by being vaccinated.

To a large extent, it appears the unvaxed make decisions based on absurd conspiracy theories.

Why should these people get priority in our healthcare system? It is hypocritical to distrust and reject the healthcare system positioned to vaccinate you and keep you healthy, but then run to the hospital for help when you get sick with covid.

In Seattle many restaurants require proof of covid vaccination to enter, but the unvaccinated can walk freely into a hospital? It’s time to hold the unvaccinated accountable for their actions. No vaccine, no healthcare.

Tod Cheney, Bainbridge Island