Re: “A Snohomish barbershop defies orders to remain closed during coronavirus — and customers line up” [May 19, Northwest]:

Thank you for covering the story of Bob Martin and his barbershop customers. The public-health risks they are creating, and hostility toward the governor, reflect frustrations during this pandemic and a lack of understanding that this is now a war against a virus.

Veterans such as barbershop owner Martin, who are rightly proud for having served their country, need to understand that this war against the coronavirus is far more lethal — potentially hundreds of thousands of COVID-19 deaths.

Patriots accept the sacrifices that come with this war, whether it’s wearing masks, social distancing or doing their part to halt the spread of the virus. Our governor is making tough choices to keep us safe. The success in Washington state against the virus is evidence of that.

Sadly, these folks defying the public-health orders are failing us now and have turned their backs on our country.

Dennis Macray, Seattle