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Regarding “State death penalty struck down” and the Washington Supreme Court ruling the death penalty as inherently discriminatory and therefore unconstitutional: It’s probably the right result.

And yet I find myself thinking about the family member of victims who was quoted in the article. That was the husband/father whose wife and kids were murdered. He is looking for a way to deal with his rage, and I can’t blame him a bit for supporting the death penalty. Rightly or wrongly, I agree with the man.

The governor, King County prosecutor and Supreme Court justices say the death penalty is an archaic, barbaric punishment. Perhaps so. We undoubtedly want our appellate courts to strike race-based punishments, whether it be for a misdemeanor traffic violation or the death penalty.

I’m glad we have a court so attuned to the racially based applications of capital punishment. But maybe striking it on a case-by-case basis would have been the better approach. That would have preserved a means for the victims’ families to have a say, and kept capital punishment for the fewest of instances when we as a society see it as warranted.

David Voyles, Seattle