Re: “Alaska snow crab harvest slashed by nearly 90% after population crash in a warming Bering Sea” [Oct. 8, Environment]:

As global warming’s effects once again force drastic reductions in Bering Sea crab quotas, maybe it’s time for fishermen to file a class action against the fossil-fuel industry for all of their losses.

It has been revealed that decades ago these corporations studied the effect that burning their products was bringing to air and ocean temperatures, and they knew well the dire results on fisheries. Yet rather than take action to avoid catastrophe, they used their power to deny and suppress what they had learned, and block implementation of climate policies aimed at saving crabs and other ocean-dwelling species (as well as many others, including humans).

They should be forced to pay for past, present and future damages to the fishery, stop any further development of new oil and coal resources, and quit using their power to block implementation of sustainable-energy policy. Perhaps bankruptcy would put an end to their insane destruction of our planet.

Richard Beck, Cathlamet