Re: “I’m a dairy farmer with a lot of cows — is that bad?” [Nov. 30, Opinion]:

I’m a third-generation organic dairy farmer in Lynden. We milk 90 cows and are part of Organic Valley, a nationwide cooperative with an average milking herd of 72.

Austin Allred conveys that inflation in costs and the price of milk paid to the farmer is nearly the same it was 40 years ago. He fails to mention that oversupply and less consumption have our country in a milk glut. He points out that the average farm take-home income is $60,000, but the average dairy farm herd size is only 234 cows.

Dairy farmers continue to be their own worst enemy in a race to get bigger. Only a few large dairy farms will survive as we tumble down the same path as the pork and poultry industry. So is milking 10,000 cows bad? It depends. I believe for the dairy farmer and the fabric of rural America it is, but in capitalism, the consumer is king.

My question to the consumer is, where do you want your milk to come from?

Corby Groen, Lynden