Dairy farmer Austin Allred has a superior option to closing or increasing productivity: Join the dairies nationwide shifting to raising crops for plant-based alternatives. World health and environmental organizations agree this is the way to feed the planet, and for farmers to profit with genuine sustainability.

Organizations supporting transition include the Rancher Advocacy Program, Farm Sanctuary and the Agriculture Fairness Alliance.

Allred may have nine times the productivity of Indian cows, and therefore a statistically relatively lower greenhouse-gas output and carbon footprint per gallon, but he still has an absolutely higher and more massive impact than any plant-based food.

He may “love” his animals, but the inherent reality of dairy is that all male calves are killed for veal, all female calves live in isolated hutches separated from grieving mothers and all “spent” cows are trucked to violent slaughter.

I enjoyed dairy products but, realizing the brutal standard practices and unconscionable environmental impact, I decided no taste pleasure justified them and have happily switched to superb plant-based versions.

Ellen Kennelly, Bellingham