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As educators, we would like to give a message to Middleton Heights Elementary: Idaho is a state whose economy depends on the very individuals a group of teachers exoticized and ridiculed [“Petition supports border wall Halloween costume teachers”]. The actions of these teachers add to the already overwhelming trauma Latinos in our nation face on a daily basis.

Where once schools were considered a haven, Latino students are now targets for hatred and violence. How are elementary students to know how to deflect these feelings? Who are they to turn to — the teacher who is calling for their deportation?

Regardless of the actions of these individuals, we know one thing is true: The United States is pushing STEM education. With that education, we will build bridges, not walls.

We encourage cultural sensitivity training for all teachers. We applaud the citizens and educators who called the district to action and gave these students a voice.

Martha, Maria and Lindsay Crisantos Little, Poulsbo