Re: “Be careful about returning to normalcy” [May 27, Opinion]:

I feel very apprehensive and scared about the behavior of many of our citizens the last few days. This pandemic is not finished with us, and we all need to be very careful still about our behaviors, both outside and indoors.

Our state still has citizens dying each day from COVID-19. We seem to have forgotten that many people are still ill. I’m still wearing a mask when out in public, although my public occurrences are very limited.

More than 61% of American adults have received at least one vaccine shot. That means 39% have had no vaccines. Think about this: That’s a lot of people. Be smarter that this virus, take care of yourself and those around you. Protect yourself when out and about.

I fear we will experience another increased wave in about two to three weeks, after this holiday. I so hope I’m wrong.

Mary Kathryn Myers, BSN, MPH, RN, Kent