Thank you for highlighting the perspectives of the immunocompromised in “For immunocompromised people in WA, return to ‘normal’ threatens mental and physical health” by Hannah Furfaro [March 23, Local News].

I am a bone-marrow transplant survivor still on immune suppression. I also have chronic graft versus host disease like Leigh Haynie, mentioned in the article. COVID-19 for people like me isn’t as simple as getting it and getting over it. It could have a severe, if not fatal, outcome because of a poorly functioning immune system. I fought for my life four years ago. I’m not anxious to do it again.

Some people want the vulnerable to get out of their way so that they can continue living fully, deeming us disposable during this pandemic. I am not disposable. I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend. My life is important. It is as important as the desire to get back to normal. When we support the most vulnerable, we ensure everyone can live fully and safely.

As the world gets bigger for some, it gets smaller for me, leaving me to wonder where will people like me be when the pandemic is truly done?

Leslie Blumenstein, Bonney Lake