Three articles in the Aug. 26 edition of The Seattle Times highlights why it’s time that we stop appealing to the anti-vaxx crowd and make life for them as onerous as possible. Nothing that is said, done or offered will change their minds.

In the Newsline section under The World: “Global coronavirus cases” shows that while the rest of the world takes the virus seriously and has worked to stabilize its growth and, maybe, start its decline, the United States is moving in the opposite direction due primarily to anti-vaxxers.

In “Washington COVID vaccine rule stresses long-term-care facilities struggling to keep staff” we learn about health care workers who should know better are willing to leave their jobs and the care of the people who depend on them just to not get a vaccine shot.

And in “Vashon Island fire chief says he won’t get vaccinated, despite being required by state mandate” we’re told how they may change the job description of the fire chief just so he won’t have to get vaccinated.

How much longer will the responsible citizens of Washington state and the United States have to bend over backward to accommodate and mollycoddle the irresponsible while the coronavirus continues to rage unabated?

Robert Oberlander, Issaquah