Our government must wake up and realize that its messaging is a huge part of the problem. Don’t wear masks, wear masks. Don’t worry about being outside, worry about being outside. Don’t have events for holidays, but it’s OK to go to a football game? Yelling causes COVID droplets to go further, so go to a Seahawks game, scream your head off. But don’t sing in church.

To tell everyone to get a vaccine, avoid crowds, social distance, help alleviate more variants by being careful and then to support a potential superspreader event like the Washington State Fair is hypocrisy at its worst. The messaging is a mess.

If you want people to believe and do what you say, don’t encourage them to go to events because it keeps the tax dollars rolling in or may pay out in the next election.

We are risking lives, many of which may not be as protected by the vaccines as others are. Enough. Get it together!

Karen Monson, Gig Harbor