Re: “Seattleites encouraged to make ‘joyful noise’ Thursday night in appreciation of front-line workers in coronavirus pandemic” [March 26, Northwest]:

I am a senior emergency medicine resident at the University of Washington. I work at multiple hospitals locally, and I am one of the many who are currently on the front lines of this pandemic.

Emergency medicine, contrary to what you see on TV, is not made for personal glory.

Thursday night, I was worrying about my loved ones, and mentally processing for my next shift at work. I suddenly heard joyous noises and cheers coming from throughout my neighborhood. I can’t tell you how much that moment meant. I sobbed a bit as I thought about us all being in this together and how we are all doing our individual part.

Thank you, Seattle. We have your back through this. Together we are equal to this. We will see this through on each others’ shoulders.

Marcus Sinewe, M.D., Seattle