There are good reasons why all of the United States needs to adopt strict shelter-in-place protocols immediately, including states that have not yet felt the full impact of the new coronavirus.

Firstly, from states where the need is low, medical supplies, as well as willing medical professionals, can be transferred to states where the need is high, and our limited testing can be reserved for testing individuals performing essential functions.

Secondly, if all states agree to shelter-in-place now, we can all expect to be clear of danger sooner; but if only a handful of states shelter-in-place, we who do must isolate longer to avoid the risk of a second wave of the pandemic from people traveling from states that did not.

Lastly, a shelter-in-place directive implies a corresponding end date, without which people are likely to believe that the danger is over when, in fact, the virus is still spreading.

If everyone shelters-in-place, we save lives and minimize the economic hardship caused by the new coronavirus. Joining forces and pooling resources across our country will bring the fastest, least deadly and least expensive end to this pandemic.

Michelle Keller, Issaquah