Re: “Massive $1.8 billion Washington State Convention Center expansion project could run out of money as coronavirus decimates travel and tourism” [May 15, Northwest]:

I never liked the idea of the huge expansion of the Convention Center. Here we were trying to reduce greenhouse gases, and we were instead helping to increase one of the key drivers of climate change, airline travel, which is how all those conventioneers usually get here.

Now our enthusiasm for tourism growth has shown its ugly side in that this expansion does not appear to be sustainable in the face of the current global pandemic slowdown and in the face of a long-overdue global reassessment of business as usual.

Maybe we can use this crisis to transition to an economy based on human needs rather than on the accumulation of money. Part of that could be to transform the demise of the Convention Center expansion project into something useful to us all — not an easy task but one worth the effort to explore.

John Andrew Birnel, Seattle