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I am concerned about the loss of downtown Seattle’s Convention Place transit station. A recent Op-Ed, [“Greenlight Washington State Convention Center expansion,” Opinion, April 17] stated King County Metro will sell the station for $275 million to allow expansion of the convention center.
Yes, our convention center brings much business to the area, but as a local area resident, I use Convention Place station regularly to access that vibrant area of our city. It provides convenient access to events at the convention center, ACT Theatre, restaurants, shopping and sight seeing. I object to the proposal to eliminate the transit station just for more convention space. With the traffic and limited parking, we need more transit accessibility, not less.
The Op-Ed mentions the creation of 2,300 hospitality jobs. How are these workers, many in a traditionally low-paying industry, going to reach their place of employment? Probably by bus or light rail.
There must be a smarter solution to allow the convention center expansion without destroying public transportation for locals and workers.
–Regina Bear, Newcastle