Every day, I find a new reason to believe President Donald Trump should be impeached.

Then I remind myself that every minute Congress spends on impeachment is a minute they could spend on long-term critical issues facing this country, such as climate change; discrimination and ways to combat it; education and training to prepare the population for jobs of the future; ensuring that Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid remain strong; gun control; health-safety standards; immigration reform; international treaties and relationships; tax reform; and the list goes on.

The pragmatist inside me knows the current Senate would never vote to impeach. Therefore, let’s do our part as voters to persuade Congress to make progress on the most important issues we face, and to support and vote for candidates we believe will continue that progress if elected.

If we are successful, this path will remove Trump from office and allow Congress to make important progress on a host of key issues.

Karen Pierce Goncalves, Bellevue