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The Seattle Times editorial board deserves praise for its affirmative editorial highlighting the value and impact of Washington’s trailblazing concussion-safety law.

As the attorney who represented the Lystedt family that inspired this law and advocated for its passage while serving as then-president of the Brain Injury Alliance of Washington, I know this law has saved lives. But victims and advocates within the brain-injury community agree that education and enforcement of the law linger as critical obstacles to advanced brain-injury prevention. Despite changes pushed through court cases, rule changes, research and ongoing educational efforts, kids are still dying and brains are damaged from preventable brain injuries on our playfields and at our schools.

While the science and laws have finally caught up with this crisis, our education programs still lag. Together, we can demand our communities and schools have the resources they need to better educate parents, educators, coaches and administrators of sports programs on how and why this law saves lives.

Richard Adler, Seattle

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