Re: “Washington state’s heat wave blamed for at least 78 deaths; coroners, medical examiners still counting” [July 8, Environment]:

According to The Seattle Times’ news report, our late June record-breaking heat wave, peaking at 108 degrees, caused at least 78 deaths. But not all the numbers are in, so that 78 is going to grow. With a high probability that global warming will bring even more heat waves, we can expect more and more people to die. Just how high will these numbers have to be before we start taking climate change more seriously? 98? 108? 1,008?

If we don’t wake up now and recognize that we’re in the middle, not the beginning, but the middle of a climate crisis and start treating it like the emergency that it is, all of our days are numbered. The facts are there. You can’t argue with a thermometer or debate an ocean-depth gauge. Our planet is getting warmer, our ice caps are melting and our seas are rising. A scenario with very unpleasant results.

It’s time now to make significant sacrifices like our grandparents’ generation did during the World War II emergency to avoid the inevitable. Failure to do so is ignoring the truth.

Bill Adams, Des Moines