In 1950, while playing with friends, a man with a Bible screamed, “The end of the world is nigh!” We joked he was a nut from New York City. I don’t joke anymore.

The last plane leaving Afghanistan was big news. God forgive them, they know not what they do — not the military, the newscasters. The Hurricane Ida story barely mentioned the storm surge temporarily reversing the flow of the Mississippi River. And for the first time, it rained on the Greenland ice sheet. You’re not frightened? Check your pulse.

Inertia and denial direct behavior as people of Vashon Island change little. Conservation and car-pooling are forgotten. The Beachcomber newspaper prints articles about the high school swim meet and will do that until there are no kids and no one left to write articles.

The Mississippi River and the Greenland ice sheet are scenes from the disaster movie we live in. The only hope is to attack the cause. Dump the fossil-fuel industry before it drives us to extinction.

Shelley Simon, Vashon