I find that most solutions aren’t about enough money. It’s about enough will. Does Congress have the will to pass the budget reconciliation bill to address the worsening climate crisis?

There are almost daily examples being reported of how the climate crisis has exacerbated, worsened, accelerated disasters; from wildfires to record-breaking flooding to unprecedented heat domes.

I live two blocks from the waterfront and know that I will have to sell, leave or be forced out of my condo in the not too distant future because of eventual flooding. And I’m one of the lucky ones. Low-income communities and communities of color are disproportionately impacted by extreme weather and the climate crisis.

Climate crisis doesn’t have to be the inevitable. Congress doesn’t have to lay down like a doormat. Congress has a literal once in a lifetime opportunity to avert climate catastrophe by passing the budget reconciliation bill.

Vickie Woo, Seattle