As someone who grew up in the Pacific Northwest, I take for granted our endless bounty of trees, mountains and water. And yet as climate change challenges our natural environment, we need to pass strong actions to protect our homes and future more than ever. I write to ask the Metropolitan King County Council to pass building-code policies this year requiring all new buildings to be all-electric and fossil fuel-free.

I work with children and am constantly reminded of the future as kids grow up before my eyes. Already children who grow up in gas-powered households are 42% more likely to develop asthma. Gas burned in stoves creates home-polluting particulates, and as summers get smokier and hotter, the choice between indoor and outdoor pollution grows more difficult. A young adult myself, I’m uncertain about the future I will have in my older years — what about the children who will just be entering adulthood?

The technology for electrification is here. Adopting electrification policies for all new buildings will lead Washington into the clean energy future. If you care about the future as I do, please write to the council in support of passing strong electrification policies.

Madeleine Stephens, Shoreline