Re: “Extreme weather blankets the U.S.” [June 15, A1]:

A thunderstorm growing to nearly 70,000 feet tall with giant hailstones in Wisconsin; floods closing Yellowstone National Park; winds gusting to 98 mph in Indiana; record heat rising from the Carolinas to California — and it’s only June! Can anyone doubt the reality of climate change?

What can be done? More than 3,000 economists agree that this progressing disaster cannot be stopped without placing a fee on mined/pumped carbon fuel — coal, oil and methane. An escalating fee will induce the industry to research and invest in non-carbon power in order to stay in business. The money raised by this escalating fee? Give it in equal-sized dividend checks to all U.S. residents.

Experience in Canada and Europe shows that a fee will work. Carbon consumption drops. Converting to electric powered transport and other approaches will also be needed. But without a carbon fee, climate change cannot be stopped.

Two bills now in Congress (HR2307, S2085) would accomplish this. Let’s elect candidates courageous enough to pass these carbon fees and dividends.

Charles Bagley, Seattle