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Fossil-fuel projects

Regarding the article about Washington’s role in forming the United States Climate Alliance in response to the Trump administration’s withdrawal from the Paris agreement.

It’s important that our actions reflect this commitment. There are two massive fossil-fuel export projects that are under permit review. One is the Tesoro-Savage oil train terminal in Vancouver, which, if approved, would be the largest in North America. The other is a refinery being proposed in Kalama, which would convert fracked natural gas to methanol for export to Asia and would be the largest such refinery anywhere in the world.

If Gov. Jay Inslee were to come out against these projects, it would send a strong signal that he’s serious about leading the charge to move us toward a cleaner, sustainable future.

Neal Anderson, Sammamish


Clean jobs

The United States decision to pull out of the Paris climate accord is a tremendous disappointment for the environment, disadvantaged communities, our standing in the world and also for the business community.

The reasoning that the accord “hurts business” and is “bad for our country” doesn’t fully hold water. While this may be true for the coal industry, it’s necessary to point out that there are now two times the number of jobs in the U.S. in both the wind and solar industries as coal.

I am a business person who’s advised hundreds of organizations about the risks and opportunities that climate change poses. When companies take action to reduce their impact by making investments in energy efficiency, reducing waste and improving logistics, they typically innovate to deliver their goods and services in a way that also saves money.

We cannot retreat on climate. If the moral, social and environmental arguments have failed to persuade our leaders, then we must make the business case. Companies can improve their bottom line, reduce risk and attract the next generation of employees while addressing our generation’s greatest threat.

Kevin Wilhelm, Seattle, CEO, Sustainable Business Consulting