Re: “All hands on deck for ‘green corridor’ for cruise ships from Seattle to Alaska” [May 19, Opinion]:

No additional studies are needed to evaluate the cruise line industries’ catastrophic effect on our environment. There is a decade of thorough research showing that vacationing via cruise ships is thousands of times more damaging then flying, staying in hotels and driving cars. It is a billion dollar industry now building megaships that can hold up to 9,000 guests at a time creating floating cities that pollute our air and water all over the planet.

These cruise ships emit 10 times the carbon dioxide of cars. One night on a cruise ship has the same environmental footprint as 12 nights in a hotel, and the trash, gray water and oil dumped into the waterways despite many fines for these egregious acts and have resulting in devastating impacts on waterways, oceans, marine life and local communities that live at the ports of these routes.

No one needs a cruise to survive, this is something that is entirely optional and can and should be immediately halted given their disastrous emissions, grotesque garbage production and pollution spewed into the air and water all over the world.

There is no time for yet another study. The Port of Seattle needs to stop all cruises on the West Coast immediately.

Victoria Allen, Seattle, M.D.