Re: “May heat shrinks Washington snowpack, raising risk for tight water flows for fish and farmers,”, May 12.

Hal Bernton’s article provides another example of how climate change is directly impacting food sources (fish and farms) and increasing the risk of widespread fires. With each passing year, the effects of climate change will influence our personal lives more and more.

Climate change can only be effectively addressed through widespread action on all levels — individuals, corporations, local, state and federal governments. The will to act begins with individuals acknowledging the dire path we are on.

That path is made more obvious by the day. The only viable way forward is for each of us to make changes to our lifestyle to reduce the frequency and composition of our consumerism, and to advocate for action by decision-makers to effect these changes on a wide-scale basis.

May each of us have the awareness and courage to make the changes critical to the survival of ourselves, our children and grandchildren.

Scott Patterson, Bothell