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The Times failed to note in its identification of Jay Lehr that he has been one of the leading climate-change deniers for more than a decade and that his employer, the Heartland Institute, is an agent paid for primarily by fossil-fuel millionaires and billionaires [“What should happen to the EPA?” Opinion, Nov. 22]. Lehr’s doctorate is in groundwater hydrology, so his claims to be a climate scientist are false.

Yes, Gina McCarthy, the outgoing Environmental Protection Agency director, does believe that climate change is real and we have both a moral and a practical obligation to minimize its impacts. So do the leaders of every national government on the planet, except for a few dictators and many members of the Republican Party in the U.S.

It’s hilarious that Lehr wants Trump to name a new EPA leader “steeped in scientific knowledge.” Lehr himself could have been a scientist, but he chose to be a propagandist instead.

David Marshak, Bellingham