Re: “Antarctica appears to have broken a heat record” [Feb. 7,]:

It was 65 degrees in Antarctica Thursday. Australia has been burning for months. Sea levels rise, storms grow worse, and we know why.

We have known why for decades. It grows more obvious every day. Climate change is happening, and we are not doing enough to stop it.

Because we know this, we also know that there is just one word to describe legislators who do not put their full support behind serious climate legislation: cowards. They are too cowardly to make hard decisions; too cowardly to do what must be done; too cowardly to look past their next elections; too cowardly to face the science, the reality and the consequences.

I am angry. The time has come to act, swiftly and decisively. This is an opportunity for legislators to become leaders, to step up when it is hard and frightening to do so. Time to stop being cowards.

Megan Motley, Kenmore