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I was surprised to read Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes’ Op-Ed, “If you protest recklessly, I will prosecute you.”

The real criminals are to be found in the oil industry — they are the ones who knew about climate change in the 1970s, and not only hid the science from the public but spent tens of millions of dollars on disinformation campaigns. Perhaps our city attorney would be better off spending his time going after the industry that has caused catastrophic climate change rather than peaceful protesters.

It’s not surprising that our city attorney is prosecuting protesters. What is surprising is that he has chosen to use his public platform to make such a strong a point about it. Holmes could write a piece about the injustice of climate change, and how he is endeavoring to use the legal system to challenge that injustice. He could use that platform to take a stand against the racism, misogyny and nationalism of the Trump administration.

But he decided to use his platform to attempt to send a chill over protesters. This decision, coming at a moment in history when we have never needed protest more, is hard to fathom.

Alec Connon, Seattle