Re: “Travel and climate: Rethink luxury pleasures” [Nov. 18, Northwest Voices]:

Haven’t we been told that we need to broaden our horizons and meet people of other cultures so that the world will be a better place; so that we can understand and empathize with those not like us; so we have a fuller understanding of the connections and commonalities among the world’s inhabitants?

Traveling, via car, jet or cruise ship, while certainly adding to our carbon footprint, is also a way to change our thinking about how we as individuals impact the planet — and likely a change for the better. Travel also offers major economic benefits, here and abroad.

I do realize that the “next generation” will be affected by how we behave — just as we were affected by the behavior of the generations before us. But I submit that it’s also imperative — for mental-health purposes, if nothing else — to enjoy those pleasures that this world offers us, whether they are “luxury” pleasures or simple day-to-day pleasures.

Debra Nelson, Edmonds