Re: “Students are ready to talk about climate change — are you?” [Oct. 5, Opinion]:

Our middle school-aged children changed how we live our lives.

One day our oldest told us we should be recycling our trash (this was back in the day when recycling was optional and you had to personally deliver the goods to the collection centers.) It was an issue he picked up on at school. We parents listened, and we complied.

Later, the other one told us that as a matter of policy, in our house anyone cooking dinner should not have to wash dishes (meaning: I’d have to wash the dishes most nights.) Argg! But I did it. He insisted, and I could see it was right.

Now the kids are gone. We still recycle as a matter or course, and I wash the dishes — grateful for an excellent meal.

Our kids brought ideas home from school, and we parents changed how we live as a result. Teaching about climate change in K-12 can spur changes in our collective habits as energy consumers.

Alexander Kamola, Auburn