It’s way past time for my elected federal officials to set and enforce some firm climate guidelines effective now!

What can each of us do this week, this month, by the end of the quarter and the end of the year? I want to see solar panels on my roof and wind farms off the Washington coast before I die. (I’m 85, turning 86 this month. Time for me and the planet is running out!)

For those who say, “We can’t afford it,” I’d like to remind you all where we get all this money: It comes from taxpayers. I’ve been paying into this system since I was 17 years old! It’s our money! Those of us who’ve paid in are tired of patiently waiting to see results.

We have the technology. We’re living in a state with a climate activist as governor. Let’s be leaders! Let’s work as a team! Let’s do this!

Sherry Perkins, Seattle