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It is easy to see a headline like “New range war: Vegans and ranchers in spat over what to call lab-grown meat” and think this is simply another partisan issue. But the lines are not so clearly drawn.

Tyson Foods — the largest meat producer in the United States — has invested in clean-meat company Memphis Meats. Tyson also calls the product, made by harvesting cells from animals, clean meat. Same goes for Cargill, the third largest meat company. European companies are on board with clean meat, too. PHW Group, the largest producer of chicken in Germany, has invested in Israeli clean-meat company SuperMeat.

All this interest isn’t surprising, given how much more efficient clean meat is projected to be. The fact that it won’t be subject to fecal contamination is another huge bonus. This innovation in food technology will greatly benefit the United States and humanity as a whole.

If entrepreneurs, Tyson and possibly some vegans are all on board, the rest of us should be, too.

Isaac Emery, Seattle