Re: “Talks in Olympia to tax big businesses, big salaries” [Jan. 31, Northwest]:

If Seattle City Council members and the mayor really want to accomplish something worthwhile, instead of taxing selected businesses they would work with the Legislature to create a progressive income tax.

An income tax would tax everyone fairly. Businesses are people — executives, officers, workers and shareholders. When you tax a business, you tax those people. Cities clamor for business to locate there, then want to punitively tax them. It is readily apparent that taxing certain business people in a city here and there is patently unfair and unjust. Businesses create jobs directly and indirectly. If there were no businesses, there would be no products, services or jobs except government jobs, which would soon end.

An income tax would replace the burdensome sales tax. The sales tax unfairly affects poor people buying many necessities. An income tax would tax everyone in the state according to income. We need a more equitable source of income to provide for the needs of our most vulnerable. Let the more wealthy individuals pay their fair share.

Howard Carr, Edmonds